Meet the Editing Team That Takes You From Good to SUPER

Photo of Dave Baker, copy chief and founder of Super Copy Editors

Dave Baker, founder of Super Copy Editors, has more than two decades of professional copy editing experience, including work for The NationThe New York Times, and The Times-Picayune, where he shared two staff Pulitzer Prizes after Hurricane Katrina.

As a copy editor, Dave has been entrusted with putting the polishing touches on articles, books, and other materials by writers from all walks of life, including a former secretary of state and one of the biggest rock bands of all time.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Clemson University, where he studied journalism and was editor in chief of The Tiger, a student newspaper twice awarded Best in Show during his years there by the Associated Collegiate Press.

A 2010–11 museum exhibit, Covering Katrina, in Washington, D.C., featured the famous Aug. 30, 2005, Times-Picayune “Catastrophic” front page that Dave designed at 2 a.m. by generator power the night after the hurricane hit. That front page also received special recognition in The Best of Newspaper Design.

In 2019, Dave received an Award of Excellence and two Awards of Distinction in the 25th Annual Communicator Awards honoring the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations, and identity work. He also received an Honorable Mention in the AVA Digital Awards. He is a member of ACES: The Society for Editing, an organization dedicated to raising the standards of editing.

Photo of Jenna Rohrbacher, copy editor

Jenna Rohrbacher has always had a great interest in helping writers polish their work. She graduated from Portland State University in 2009 with a master’s degree in writing and publishing. She also honed her editing skills at the independent publisher Ooligan Press in Portland. Jenna was the first member of our extended Super Copy Editors team, joining us in 2012. Over the years, she has reviewed all manner of advertising, marketing, and educational text and has built a reputation as a detail-oriented copy editor who greatly improves our clients’ writing. In her spare time, Jenna dances and teaches Argentine tango.

Photo of Mike Turner, copy editor

Mike Turner, a former longtime newspaper copy editor and business writer, now puts his word skills to use editing a wide range of advertising and marketing materials—from blog posts and brochures to presentation decks, annual reports, and much more. He served as copy desk chief forThe Flint Journal and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Michigan State University.

Photo of Lucea Bixby, copy editor

Lucea Bixby is a copy editor and proofreader with a focus on health care and education. She enjoys reviewing everything from training, marketing, and sales materials to textbook content and curriculum modules. Passionate about wordsmithing and developing accessible and error-free content, she is comfortable with multiple style guides, including Chicago, AMA, and Associated Press. Lucea earned a bachelor of arts degree, magna cum laude, in English with minors in studio art, technical writing, and medieval studies.

Photo of Scott Schomburg

Scott Schomburg brings years of ad agency proofreading experience to the Super Copy Editors team. He previously was senior copy editor at McKinney, a full-service creative and media agency headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, with offices in New York and Los Angeles. He reviews all sorts of materials for agencies and marketing teams, including presentation decks, production work, and brand literature. Scott is also a writer whose work has appeared in The Paris Review DailyThe Bare Life Review, and elsewhere. He has a master’s degree from Duke University and lives in New York.

Photo of Marlaina Cockcroft, copy editor

Marlaina Cockcroft has nearly 20 years of experience in writing and editing, and can handle all types of subject material. She served as copy editor at the Courier News in central New Jersey and Billboard magazine in New York, editorial operations manager and freelance writer at Miami New Times, and copy editor and entertainment editor at The Record in northern New Jersey. A book nerd as well as a comic book geek, she writes children’s books in her spare time.

Photo of Beth Navage, copy editor

Beth Navage, an award-winning copy editor, was copy chief at the St. Petersburg Times and assistant metro copy desk chief at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She has a keen interest in all aspects of education and has performed work for several educational publishers. As part of the Super Copy Editors education team, Beth has played a key role in K–8 curriculum copy editing projects for EL Education and the National Summer School Initiative, as well as courses and modules for Wall Street English and Open Future Learning.

Photo of Joan Matthews, copy editor

Joan Matthews has been a copy editor, proofreader, and indexer for more than three decades. She has a bachelor’s degree in English, magna cum laude, from Princeton University and a master’s degree in English from Stanford University. One of her most memorable moments consists of riding in the 39th-floor elevator at McGraw-Hill with Isaac Asimov—she reassured the technophobic author that the elevator was not about to crash as it barreled down to the lobby.

Photo of Louise Watson, copy editor

In her many years as a copy editor, Louise Watson has worked on a wide range of materials, including ad campaigns, magazine articles, book manuscripts, and English and math curriculum materials. She has edited or proofread materials for W.W. Norton, Harvard University, McGraw-Hill, NBC Universal, Disney, and many others. Louise was an associate editor for AMAZONAS and CORAL magazines, both published by Reef to Rainforest Media. She has a bachelor’s degree in English/Art from Middlebury College.

Photo of Jaime Brockway

Jaime Brockway, former national copy chief of Time Out North America, has copy edited branded and sponsored content, e-newsletters, brochures, videos, and much more. Other organizations she’s worked with include The AtlanticWall Street Journal Magazine, Well+Good, and Food52. Jaime prides herself on her ability to quickly adapt to new styles and processes, and she’s an expert copy editor in Associated Press and Chicago styles. She also knows a thing or two about how to create high-converting website copy, landing pages, and emails that drive clicks and foster a relationship with your ideal target clients.

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