Get Better Results With Your RFP and Ensure Project Success

If your organization has a big project coming up, then you’re probably writing a request for proposals (RFP).

Creating an RFP can be a daunting task. Any mistakes can lead to miscommunication and missed opportunities of working with reputable bidders.

After all, some vendors won’t bother submitting a proposal if they’re confused about your request. It’s often easier for them to just ignore the RFP when they’re unsure (and move on to the next one), instead of contacting you to figure out the details.

The clearer you are in your request for proposals, the better chances you’ll have of finding a trustworthy vendor and having the project be a success.

Also, a typical RFP is highly detail oriented and transparent. The scope of the project must be well defined and clearly explained in order for bidders to accurately estimate their costs.

None of these are simple challenges from a writing perspective.

Command attention. Look your best. Get thoughtful edits and suggestions with RFP proofreading from Super Copy Editors.

Our RFP Proofreading Process

The first step in proofreading an RFP is to remove simple errors, such as misspelled words and typos.

These mistakes can make you look unprofessional and lead to lower-quality proposals coming in.

The second step is to remove errors that are harder to spot, such as anything that’s confusing, inconsistent, or verbose. Correcting these errors leads to an RFP that’s transparent and easy for the reader to understand.

At Super Copy Editors, we always look for both types of errors. Some proofreaders just focus on the most basic errors, but fixing those won’t necessarily lead to an effective RFP. Our goal is to make your writing stronger as well as free of errors.

This attention to detail has helped our clients achieve success with their RFP projects.

Let’s Work Together

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