Grab Attention and Get Results With Your Emails & E-Newletters

Hiring a proofreader for marketing emails will let you sleep better at night knowing that your emails and e-newsletters are the best they can be.

Emails and newsletters are a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy and are considered the lifeblood of acquiring new clients and nurturing existing ones. However, there’s nothing worse than crafting a beautiful email, publishing it, and then going back and seeing a spelling mistake.

Actually, there is something worse…

Having customers (or your boss) email you and point out your errors or ask you to clarify what you meant.

Irresistible emails. Perfectly polished. Get thoughtful edits and suggestions on your emails from Super Copy Editors.

How Do You Avoid Such a Disaster?

Use a proofreader for marketing emails and e-newsletters.

Careless typos can hurt your image in the marketplace. Not only are they embarrassing, but they can also lead to lost opportunities.

Your customers expect a certain level of professionalism from you. When they receive an email or newsletter, they want to be impressed by your new features or sales promotions so they can buy more from you.

When they see typos and errors in your email, their buying mindset changes.

  • They start to doubt your sincerity.
  • The bond of trust that you’ve developed with them—the one that says you are there to provide quality products and services—erodes.

This is your customers’ inner psychological thought process, and it’s something you should be wary of when trying to decide if you should hire a proofreader for marketing emails.

Why You Should Use a Proofreader for Marketing Emails

Having a proofreader for marketing emails can save you both time and embarrassment—not to mention the headaches that will come from having to issue a retraction or resend emails or newsletters because of errors.

Use a proofreader for marketing emails to ensure your content is adequately edited, sounds the way you want, and persuades more customers to do what you want them to do.

Many proofreaders just check for grammatical errors, typos, and similar mistakes. But at Super Copy Editors, we don’t stop there. We look at the overall structure of your emails to make sure they are not sloppy, inconsistent, or illogical. And we keep your brand voice in mind at all times.

We’ve helped our clients with promotional emails, newsletters, brochures, fundraising appeals, and many other types of marketing communications. We understand that a successful email should help promote your brand and persuade customers. It’s a practical form of writing that must get results. Period.

Let’s Make Sure Your Emails Are Irresistible

If you’re finalizing an email campaign, don’t hit “send” before you get our team of editors to carefully review those materials.

Get in touch for your free quote for proofreading. Don’t delay—let’s talk now so our team is in place and ready to get to work when you need a fresh set of eyes on your emails.

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