Proofreading for Marketing Departments

Consumers today are bombarded with marketing more than ever before. They see it all day long, both online and offline, from a variety of sources—website banner ads, TV commercials, social media campaigns, magazine inserts, junk mail, billboards, and the list goes on.

Whether consumers are watching television, checking email on their smartphone, or driving down the street, you can bet someone is fighting for their attention with a marketing message.

How Does This Affect You?

There’s a crucial difference between seeing a marketing message and paying attention to it—let alone caring about it. In order for your marketing to persuade people, it must resonate with them.

If you work in a marketing department, you already know that. In fact, you’re probably producing more marketing materials than ever before just to keep up.

Our Copy Editing Services Can Help

As a marketing professional, you’re an expert in consumer psychology and marketing strategy. But one thing that is easy to overlook is how well you’ve executed your ideas in writing.

For example, you could have a promising ad or brochure, but a single typo or grammar mistake could ruin the whole thing and make your business look unprofessional.

A copy editor can take your marketing materials to the next level by correcting mistakes, as well as making sure your ideas are presented in a clear, concise, and logical way. A skilled copy editor does more than simply find and fix mistakes—he or she makes the writing stronger overall.

Here are some of the projects we regularly help companies with:

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