Perfectly Polished Fundraising Materials. Happy Donors.

It can be tricky to ask other people for money.

That’s true for individuals as well as organizations. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a charity or nonprofit doing the fundraising, or a company looking for investors.

People want to donate money if they believe in your cause and ideas. But they also want to donate money to an organization that comes across as professional.

Do Fundraisers Need a Proofreader or a Copy Editor?

Credibility is crucial when it comes to fundraising.

What are some common writing mistakes that can instantly kill your credibility? Misspelled words, bad punctuation, typos, and grammar mistakes.

But that’s not all.

Writing that’s too wordy, poorly structured, illogical, or inconsistent can also kill your fundraising efforts.

Proofreaders typically just look for the first type of mistakes. Copy editors correct both types of mistakes. The end result is that your fundraising materials will be much more professional and persuasive.

Command attention and keep donors excited. Get expert proofreading of your fundraising materials from Super Copy Editors.

In fundraising, it’s often important to make sure you’ve told your story. People want to hear why you need the money, what you’ll do with it, and the impact their contribution will have. So it’s important to find a copy editor who understands how to make your story come to life.

A compelling story can often make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful fundraiser.

How Super Copy Editors Can Help You

At Super Copy Editors, we’ve worked on a variety of fundraising projects for universities, hospitals, and more.

Additionally, we’ve worked with great storytellers—including novelists, journalists, and screenplay writers. This combination allows us to help you tell your story in a way that resonates with funders.

Here are some materials we’ve copy edited:

  • Invitations to fundraising events
  • Letters that ask for a contribution
  • Brochures that explain what the funds will be used for
  • Newsletters to potential donors and past contributors
  • Social media campaigns
  • Blog posts for your website
  • Articles for a magazine or newspaper
  • Email campaigns

If you’re working on a similar project, contact us now for a quick, free quote for copy editing.

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