Perfectly Polished Product Labels. (And Peace of Mind.)

Many companies hire proofreaders and copy editors for their ads, press releases, white papers, and other marketing materials.

They even hire proofreaders and copy editors for their internal materials, such as employee handbooks, training manuals, contracts, and similar documents.

But one thing that’s easy to overlook is to have someone proofread any text on the product itself.

Typos on Product Labels

Many companies have paid the price by releasing product labels with typos on them.

Some have even misspelled their own company name on their products.

That’s a costly mistake because it can hurt your brand. Companies spend years building up their image, so it would be a tragedy to ruin that with one product label typo.

Even if you catch the mistake before shipping the product to customers and retailers, it can still be a costly mistake because you’ll have to pay to get all of the labels reprinted.

When so much is on the line, turn to Super Copy Editors for expert proofreading of your packaging materials.

Product Label Proofreading Services

That’s an easy mistake to make, but it’s also an easy mistake to avoid by working with a copy editor before you have any of your labels printed.

And it’s not just the main part of the label, either—you also have to watch out for mistakes in the fine print and details.

For example, many product labels include instructions, contact information, and a product description. Some labels also include the company’s background story. It would be embarrassing and costly to have mistakes on any of these once the product is out in the marketplace.

The Super Copy Editors Difference

At Super Copy Editors, we’ve worked with a number of companies on their product labels, marketing materials, and much more.

We don’t just check for typos and grammar errors—we also check for clarity and consistency. All of these details are important when it comes to product labels.

Contact us today for more information about our product label proofreading services.

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