Confidently Print Your Catalog and Delight Your Customers

For weeks, you put in hours of grueling work to write and design your catalog. You’ve had it printed and mailed out to hundreds of customers, and you’re starting to hear back from some of them.

What’s the worst thing that could happen now? They’re telling you there are glaring mistakes in the text.

There’s nothing worse than having to reprint your catalog because of embarrassing errors. Reprinting is expensive, and mistakes in your catalog make you look bad—leading to lost sales and missed opportunities.

You might be thinking, “I read the catalog myself, twice, and ran it through spell-check, so it must be OK.” Famous last words.

Before you go to press, you need a professional catalog proofreading service. Your catalog will greatly benefit from the fresh eyes of trained editors. They do this for a living—and will catch the mistakes you might have missed despite multiple reads.

That means you can head to the printers with the confidence of knowing your catalog is professionally polished from cover to cover and ready to make you money.

Don’t risk a reprint. Ensure every page is flawless with professional catalog proofreading services from Super Copy Editors.

You Can’t Trust Yourself to Proofread Your Own Work

Many catalog publishers have thought they could proofread their catalog themselves, often with bad results.

Here are four reasons you should not rely on your own review:

  • You are too emotionally connected to your writing.
  • Your catalog is too familiar to you.
  • You’re too confident or too insecure about your catalog.
  • You lack the time or expertise to properly proofread and edit your work.

Your Catalog Needs More

The bottom line is that you cannot look objectively at your own work.

You make connections between words and concepts in your head that may not be obvious to your customers because you know what you mean to say, but you might not have translated it to the page. Your brain reads and rereads those same mistakes and does not pick up on the differences.

Properly proofreading a catalog involves the usual checks, but it also requires a lot of cross-checking of page numbers and item numbers. Names and numbers mentioned in one product description must be checked against mentions in other product descriptions or elsewhere in the catalog, such as in the table of contents, the index, or photo captions. This is tedious but important work.

Professional Catalog Proofreading Services

At Super Copy Editors, we have proofread furniture catalogs, product catalogs for the food industry, company uniform catalogs, service catalogs, university course catalogs, and more.

  • We check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word choice.
  • We ensure consistency in voice, style, and formatting.
  • We also take a step back and look at your catalog from a bigger-picture view. This ensures everything you’ve written makes sense logically and flows well from one sentence, paragraph, or page to the next.
  • All of which means your catalog is as compelling as it can be—and primed to drive sales.

Trust the experts at Super Copy Editors to proofread your catalog for peace of mind before printing the finished product. Delight your customers and make more money. To get started or learn more about our professional catalog proofreading services, contact us today.

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