Copy Editing for Pharmaceutical Companies

If you work in or with pharmaceutical companies, then you already know how much written material is produced in the industry every single year.

And the writing demands in pharma keep increasing—for both large and small companies alike. That’s because it’s a highly competitive industry with many Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative startups.

Additionally, pharmaceutical companies are highly regulated, and for good reason—their products are critical to many people’s health.

Here are a few of the projects you might have worked on:

  • Pharmaceutical advertisements
  • Press releases for a new product
  • Grants for research funding
  • R&D reports
  • Brochures for a trade show
  • Market research studies
  • Product descriptions and disclaimers
  • Onion skins

All of these projects are critical to the operations of a pharmaceutical company, so each piece of writing must be well planned and executed.

That means the finished product must be free of grammar mistakes, typos, and misspelled words. It also means that the materials must be clear, concise, logical, and consistent.

An experienced copy editor can help you with all these things. As a result, your marketing and communication materials will be much stronger.

This can make your ads more persuasive, strengthen your brand, increase the chances of securing funding, and much more.

“The Super Copy Editors team is fanatical about time and deadlines—and awesome at copy editing.”

—Ron E., President, Consulting Firm in San Jose, California

Pharmaceutical Advertising

One area that is particularly important is pharmaceutical advertising.

Whether the advertisements are directed at hospitals, doctors, or consumers, details are critical.

So it’s important to find a highly detail-oriented copy editor to catch mistakes and make the writing as compelling as possible.

Super Copy Editors

At Super Copy Editors, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We’ve also worked on a wide range of pharmaceutical projects—from product-launch ads to internal training materials.

If you’re looking for help on a similar project, contact us today to find out more.

How Does It Work?

Working with Super Copy Editors is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Get Your Free Quote

Just give us a bit of information on your proofreading and copy editing needs, and we’ll send you a detailed quote.

2. Hop on a Strategy Call

If we’re a fit, we can jump on an optional 20-minute strategy call to narrow down project details and craft a plan for you.

3. Get Your Polished Copy

With your information in hand, we’ll provide thoughtful, detailed edits and suggestions to improve your text—on time and on budget.
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