Online Learning Proofreading

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning was growing more popular every year.

One of the main benefits of remote learning over traditional courses is that it’s very convenient. Older students often have some flexibility over which hours they’ll study and where they’ll study—whether that’s at home, the library, or a coffee shop.

It’s also easier to customize and calibrate online material to the students’ level. And it’s affordable when compared with the cost of tuition, conferences, and similar expenses.

Nevertheless, it’s challenging to develop effective online learning materials. The content needs to be educational, engaging, and easy to understand.

How to Improve Your Online Learning Materials

It’s easy to overlook the mistakes you made while creating the content for an online learning course. A fresh pair of eyes can find misspelled words, typos, and grammar errors that you missed.

That’s why it’s important to have someone proofread your content.

There are many other common mistakes that people tend to make in their writing, such as being unclear, inconsistent, illogical, or simply too wordy.

Most proofreaders won’t correct these mistakes.

But copy editors will not only proofread the material but also correct mistakes that are tougher to spot, such as confusing sentences and incomplete ideas.

The end result? Writing that’s easy for learners to digest.

This is especially important for online learning because even if the information is great, it has to be presented well. Otherwise, it won’t be engaging.


How We Helped EL Education Produce a Top-Quality Curriculum

EL Education needed regular copy editing of their curriculum materials. They were overwhelmed with large amounts of text, and their previous freelance copy editor was both too expensive and not flexible enough to take on the daily volume of content. Here’s how we helped them excel.

We Can Help

At Super Copy Editors, we focus on making sure your writing is grammatical as well as compelling and coherent.

We have experience with online learning content and other educational materials. We’ve helped our clients with online textbooks, educational video scripts, e-learning course content, and much more.

Our clients have included:

Open Future Learning
  • Founded by a former learning disability nurse, Open Future Learning offers inspirational training for the developmental disability workforce.
  • Super Copy Editors has reviewed learning modules and video scripts for grammar and clarity, and created a house style guide to maintain consistency across all materials.
Cadence Learning
  • Arising during the global disruption in K–12 education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cadence Learning put together an ambitious and innovative virtual learning curriculum for Grades 3–8.
  • Super Copy Editors provided daily copy editing of both student materials and teacher overviews in ELA and math. This was a yearlong project that was expanded to include a summer 2021 component as well.

If you need help on a similar project, contact us today to learn more about our online learning proofreading services.

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