Expert Proofreading and Editing of Your Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are an often overlooked part of company communications.

Many businesses spend more time thinking about their marketing materials because they want to promote their brand and bring in more business.

All of that makes sense, but internal documents are also extremely important because they help everyone get on the same page and cooperate.

Additionally, organizations may find it challenging to write their internal materials. That’s because many people are trained in marketing and public relations, but few receive training that is focused specifically on internal communications.

Working with a proofreader who understands these types of writing projects can help make up for that.

The Challenges of Writing an Employee Handbook

The details must be correct in an employee handbook. Otherwise, you’ll confuse employees and they’ll misunderstand a company policy or procedure.

This is especially dangerous with anything that involves legal liability for your organization.

Similarly, employee handbooks must be consistent. You can’t say one thing on page 32 but then contradict it 10 pages later. This can be challenging on the first draft because various people and departments are usually responsible for writing different sections of an employee handbook.

Working with an experienced copy editor can help ensure the entire handbook is consistent.

Keep moving forward. Get thoughtful edits and suggestions with employee handbook proofreading from Super Copy Editors.

How We Can Help You

At Super Copy Editors, we can look over all of these details.

We’ll eliminate typos and grammar errors, as well as make sure your writing is logical and consistent.

We understand you don’t want your employees to misunderstand the handbook, so we’ll also check for clarity.

We have experience across a wide range of projects, such as employee handbooks, annual reports, fundraising, and advertising. Our clients enjoy being able to come to us for all of their business copy editing needs.

Contact us now to learn more about our employee handbook copy editing services and to get a quick, free price quote.

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