Perfectly Polished Plans and Proposals

Plans and proposals are among the most common writing assignments for many different types of organizations, including companies, nonprofits, and government agencies.

They’re widely used because they apply to such a wide range of settings, such as budget estimates, bidding for a job, mergers and acquisitions, and much more.

If you’re working on this type of assignment, then you can probably relate to how challenging it is.

  • For example, maybe you’re submitting an external proposal based on an RFP.
  • Or maybe you need to submit an internal budget plan for a new project. Either way, it should be clear, concise, and transparent.

If your plan or proposal is poorly written, it can cause you to lose out on an opportunity entirely.

Sometimes you have only one chance at landing a certain project. A lot is at stake, so it’s not surprising that many organizations find it stressful to write plans and proposals.

Shine like a diamond. Ensure success. Get thoughtful edits and suggestions on your plans and proposals.

Super Copy Editors Can Help

We understand that there may be a lot riding on your plan or proposal, so our goal is to help make the editing process as smooth as possible.

Most people realize that an effective plan or proposal shouldn’t have careless mistakes, such as typos and misspellings. But what some forget is that it’s not enough because well-written plans and proposals should also be logical and easy to understand.

Proposal Copy Editing

Some proofreaders correct only the simplest errors while ignoring things like inconsistencies and confusing sentences.

At Super Copy Editors, we focus on all aspects of the writing. Our clients appreciate this approach because it gives them the best chance of having success, whether that’s a proposal for bidding on a job or a marketing plan for growing their business.

For more information about our copy editing services for business plans and proposals, contact Super Copy Editors today.

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