Mistakes in Your Calendars? Those Days Are Numbered.

Calendars and planners are a crucial part of millions of people’s lives. They are an integral tool that binds their social, personal, and professional lives together, providing a seamless pathway from one event to the next.

If your company designs and prints calendars, planners, and organizers for sale to the public, you know how big your responsibilities are to ensure the quality and correctness of these products.

Without accurate calendars, chaos would ensue:

  • People would miss meetings.
  • Appointments would go unfulfilled.
  • Mother’s Day would end in tears because it was today, not a week from today.

Before you begin printing, be sure of the correctness of all the information in your calendars and day planners—every date, every holiday, every number on every page. See how a professional calendar proofreading service can offer you peace of mind.

Prevent mistakes. Maximize profits. Get professional calendar proofreading services from Super Copy Editors.

Calendar Mistakes Could Prove Disastrous

You need to have your calendars and planners proofread to make extra sure they are free of errors.

Professional proofreading prevents them from having horrible and embarrassing mistakes—which at the very minimum, would make your company look bad. In the worst cases, it would mean you must issue refunds or even reprint the calendars at great expense.

How Can You Ensure Your Calendars Are Accurate?

Super Copy Editors offers a professional calendar proofreading service that is backed by years of experience.

Calendars are tricky, and not everyone is up to the task. We are.

At Super Copy Editors, we have been doing this type of painstaking proofreading long enough to know exactly what to look for. Over the years, we have developed and refined a specific process to make sure we catch every mistake before it ever sees the light of day.

Calendar Proofreading Services

Let our expert team of proofreaders scrutinize, double-check, and ensure that everything on your calendar is correct before you send it off to be printed.

We understand that your calendars, planners, and organizers need to be correct in every way: dates, holidays, spelling, grammar, formatting consistency, and more. Click the link below to get a custom quote from Super Copy Editors and learn more about our calendar proofreading service.

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