Brochure Copy Editing

Brochures are a versatile marketing asset.

You can use them at trade shows, give them away at the office, or hand them out in public.

Many companies also include brochures in their packaging when they ship a product to a customer. It’s a great way to enhance your brand and get repeat business.

Aside from marketing, brochures are also commonly used for internal communications, such as educating employees, promoting events, and more.

So it’s not surprising that big companies, small companies, startups, nonprofits, and many other organizations all use brochures.

The Cost of a Mistake

If you accidentally distributed brochures with a typo on them, it could make your organization look unprofessional.

Not only does that hurt your image, but it can also hurt your bottom line.

“The Super Copy Editors team is fanatical about time and deadlines—and awesome at copy editing.”

—Ron E., President, Consulting Firm in San Jose, California

Even if you catch the typo before distribution, it can still be a hassle. This is especially true if you’re under a tight deadline, such as an upcoming trade show or industry event.

Many brochures are printed on high-quality, glossy paper. And most organizations don’t have the equipment and printers to do this in-house, so they typically work with a print shop.

For all these reasons, it can be expensive to produce brochures.

If you’ve made a mistake and need to reprint the brochure, it can be costly. Working with a proofreader or copy editor before printing is a great way to eliminate this unnecessary expense.

Our Brochure Copy Editing Services

At Super Copy Editors, we’ll make sure you don’t have any typos on your brochure.

But we’ll also go beyond that.

An effective brochure is free of careless errors, as well as errors that are harder to spot, such as inconsistencies and unclear sentences. We’ll make sure your writing is logical, concise, and compelling to your readers.

For more information about any of our marketing brochure copy editing services, contact us today.

How Does It Work?

Working with Super Copy Editors is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Get Your Free Quote

Just give us a bit of information on your proofreading and copy editing needs, and we’ll send you a detailed quote.

2. Hop on a Strategy Call

If we’re a fit, we can jump on an optional 20-minute strategy call to narrow down project details and craft a plan for you.

3. Get Your Polished Copy

With your information in hand, we’ll provide thoughtful, detailed edits and suggestions to improve your text—on time and on budget.
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