Advertising Agency Proofreaders

Maybe you are a busy but understaffed ad agency that desperately needs a backup proofreader or copy editor. Or perhaps you just need a “fresh set of eyes” on a single client presentation deck.

Whatever the reason, the Super Copy Editors team can offer you fast, efficient, and on-target editing for all of your advertising or branding agency needs. Here are some of the materials for which we regularly provide copy editing or proofreading:

  • Print and online ad copy
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product packaging text
  • Social media planning calendars
  • Website analytics reports
  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Comparing versions to make sure needed changes were made
  • Pitch documents and RFPs
  • Award entries

Why Your Agency Needs Our Help

Let’s face it: Consumers are bombarded with advertising every day.

How can you make your clients’ message stand out? One way is to present clear, concise, error-free copy in every piece of written material you create for those brands.

In the digital age, your competition—whether it is around the corner or around the globe—is often just a click away. What may seem like minor mistakes in your copy can cause your agency’s clients to take their valued business elsewhere.

As experienced, New York City–based freelance advertising/branding agency proofreaders, we offer polished, clear, and professionally edited copy.

It’s easy to read over your own errors. We use our eagle eyes to catch mistakes in spelling, grammar, and usage that you might have missed. In addition, we will work with you to adhere to your agency’s or client’s already existing house style or help you create one.

Write Well

David Ogilvy, often called “the father of advertising,” told his employees at Ogilvy & Mather that they would succeed at his agency only if their writing was sharp, clear, and precise. He said, “People who think well write well.”

At Super Copy Editors, we love the written word, and we also enjoy telling stories. Let us help you tell your clients’ stories. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

photo of a collection of style guides and books on advertising, marketing, and education