Reviews of Super Copy Editors

We’re proud of our quality, consistency, and teamwork. Being skillful and passionate and always following through on our promises are all part of our core values.

Here’s what some of our clients have said over the years:

“This is exactly the editing service I was looking for. Not always easy to find through Google.”

David Nelson, Marketing Manager
Clark Howes Group

“We have been blown away by how good the team at Super Copy Editors is at improving our writing. They catch the typos that no one else sees.”
—Caitlin Rogers, Production Director, Next Day Animations

“Great work. Always done in a timely manner. Best value for money as compared to any proofreading service I have used in the last 10 years.”
—Yash Talreja, The Technology Gurus

“Super Copy Editors is brilliant … incredible proofers.”
—Steve Brazell, Founder, Hitman Inc.

“You are awesome to work with: thorough, responsive, efficient, independent—and funny.”

Suzanne Plaut, Director of Curriculum
EL Education

“We send a lot of content, and you consistently improve the quality, clarity, and readability of our work.”
—Nataly Kelly, former Chief Research Officer, Common Sense Advisory

“I love working with Super Copy Editors. Fast, efficient, and deadly with a red pen. We’re totally thrilled with all that you do to help us.”
—Ron Evans, Founder, Groupofminds

“All work has always been done on time with impeccable quality.”
—Valerie August, Valerie August & Associates LLC

“Not exaggerating—we talk about how amazing your work is all the time.”
—Jesse Austell, Executive Director, Simplicity Metrics

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