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At Super Copy Editors, we’re proud of our high quality, consistency, and teamwork.

Being both skillful and passionate while always following through on our promises is an important part of our core values as a best-in-class business proofreading service.

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Here are some of the Super Copy Editors reviews we have received from clients over the past few years:

“This is exactly the editing service I was looking for. Not always easy to find through Google.”

—David Nelson, Marketing Manager, Clark Howes Group

“We have been blown away by how good the team at Super Copy Editors is at improving our writing. They catch the typos that no one else sees.
—Caitlin Rogers, Production Director, Next Day Animations

“Great work. Always done in a timely manner. Best value for money as compared to any proofreading service I have used in the last 10 years.
—Yash Talreja, Principal, The Technology Gurus

“Super Copy Editors is brilliant … incredible proofers.
—Steve Brazell, Founder, Hitman Inc.

“I have been using Super Copy Editors for over a decade. They are thorough, prompt, and do excellent work.”

—Laurie Robinson Haden, CEO, Corporate Counsel Women of Color

“We sent Dave and Super Copy Editors a lot of content, and they consistently improved the quality, clarity, and readability of our work.”
—Nataly Kelly, Former Chief Research Officer, Common Sense Advisory

“I love working with Super Copy Editors. Fast, efficient, and deadly with a red pen. We’re totally thrilled with all that you do to help us.
—Ron Evans, Founder, Group of Minds

“I was in need of a timely copy editing service for an important matter. But how does one choose from among them? I happened upon Dave Baker and Super Copy Editors. Dave’s background impressed me, but it was his willingness to speak with me personally to review the scope of services beforehand that gave me the confidence to trust him with a significant piece of work. And I am so pleased that I did. Dave’s command of the language as well as his proficiency in grammar and style are beyond compare. Again, thank you, Dave and Super Copy Editors for exercising consciousness, tenacity, and an overall professionalism of the highest order. I recommend them without hesitation or reservation.
—Doug S., Attorney, New York City Law Firm

“I can always rely on the Super Copy Editors team to help out in a pinch. They work quickly and accurately, which is necessary in a fast-paced industry like advertising…. They have become an integral part of the process, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to run my department without them.”

—Nikki G., QA Coordinator, South Carolina–Based Creative Agency

“Super Copy Editors is my agency’s go-to proofreading team. Nothing gets published without their diligent eye for minute details. Additionally, I can rely on them for expediency and a great customer experience.”
—Camilla Papale, Founder and Creative Director, Madison Avenue Creative

“Fantastic team of proofreaders…. They do incredibly important work for us and are a joy to partner with.”
—Senior Director, Development Communications, Top 10 U.S. Hospital

“I highly recommend Super Copy Editors. The steadfast guidance, professionalism, and quality work were invaluable.”
—Cindy B., Motivational Coach and Author

“The team at Super Copy Editors is awesome to work with: thorough, responsive, efficient, independent.”

—Suzanne Plaut, Director of Curriculum, EL Education

“Dave is an outstanding copy editor … extremely honest and dependable. All work that I have given Dave has always been done on time with impeccable quality. You will not be disappointed.”
Valerie August, President, Valerie August & Associates LLC

“Dave was a pleasure to work with at Super Copy Editors. He systematically edited my manuscript, making it very easy to understand his edits and accept changes. He was meticulous in providing grammatical and stylistic changes and as well made precise recommendations for areas where he saw content gaps in the flow of the novel. All for a very reasonable price! I highly recommend Super Copy Editors.”
—Lara Johnson, Manager, Operational Reporting, Pharmaceutical Company

“I know this was a stupid fast turnaround. You guys are my full-on heroes!”
—Chelsea H., Project Manager, Nashville-Area Health Care Agency

“Not exaggerating—we talk about how amazing your work is all the time.”

—Jesse Austell, Executive Director, Simplicity Metrics

Super Copy Editors, based in New York City, gives you individual attention and our 100% On-Time Guarantee.

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Super Copy Editors gives you individual attention and services that go far beyond ordinary. Like our unheard-of 100% On-Time Guarantee: If we’re ever late, you don’t have to pay. (We’re never late.)

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  • No more typos or grammar goofs.
  • No more costly reprints.
  • No blown deadlines.

That means you can communicate brilliantly, stress less, and save money and time—so you can get back to focusing on other important matters in your business.


How We Helped EL Education Produce a Top-Quality Curriculum

EL Education needed regular copy editing of their curriculum materials. They were overwhelmed with large amounts of text, and their previous freelance copy editor was both too expensive and not flexible enough to take on the daily volume of content. Here’s how we helped them excel.

Your Satisfaction and On-Time Delivery Are Guaranteed

With Super Copy Editors, our work is backed up by our 100% Satisfaction and On-Time Guarantee:

  • If you aren’t satisfied with our deliverables, we’ll work with you until you’re happy with the end product.
  • If we don’t deliver on time, you don’t pay.

It’s as simple as that.

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