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We get it. You’re overworked. Stretched to the limit. Stressed out. And on top of all your other job responsibilities, they also put you in charge of overseeing the freelance vendor pool, including your company’s outside proofreading vendors.

What’s worse—well, let’s face it, some freelancers are a finicky, flaky bunch.

What you really need are a few great proofreading vendors who:

Get back to you quickly

Are reliable, flexible, efficient, and crazy accurate

Don’t give you any B.S.

Well, you can relax. We are all those things. Super Copy Editors LLC, a business proofreading vendor based in New York City, gives your business individual attention and an unheard-of 100% guarantee: If we’re ever late, you don’t have to pay. (We’re never late.)

When you add us to your proofreading vendor pool, you can be assured of reliable, quick, high-quality professional service.


Here’s what one of our clients says:

“I can always rely on the Super Copy Editors team to help out in a pinch. They work quickly and accurately, which is necessary in a fast-paced industry like advertising…. They have become an integral part of the process, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to run my department without them.”
—Nikki Whitten Gregoire, QA Coordinator
BFG Communications, Inc.


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Your search ends today. Reach out now and ask us how we can help you. There’s no commitment—we’ll simply say hi, give you our best rate (starting at just $60 per hour), and explain how we can work together as a tight team, starting ASAP.

It’s time to stop stressing over flaky proofreading vendors. There’s a better alternative, and you’ve found the team you need: Contact Super Copy Editors for more info now.


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