Super Copy Editors Pricing Information

We understand that some potential clients want to know up front, before they contact us, how much we charge.

However, it’s difficult to price out a copy editing or proofreading job without knowing some critical pieces of information.

That’s why we ask you to reach out to us using our simple contact form. We’ll get back to you very quickly during our normal business hours—actually, you’d probably be surprised by how quickly. This way, we can know exactly what your specific needs are and give you a customized quote.

Current Rates (Baseline)

With that said, we do have some baseline prices we can share here. Please note that these rates may not necessarily apply in your specific case.

As of January 2021, our rates for businesses start at $60 per hour.

Remember, when you hire Super Copy Editors, you’ll get not only highly accurate copy editing or proofreading, but also individual attention—which larger editing services cannot or will not give you. We also offer a 100% money-back On-Time Guarantee.

For a custom quote, please contact us now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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