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Are you swift and precise in spotting errors?

Super Copy Editors is all about high-speed proofreading without compromising on accuracy. Our Certified Super™ quality assurance underscores our commitment to excellence. We’re particularly interested in proofreaders with a background in agency or marketing settings.

  • This is part-time, 100% remote freelance work.
  • Work is irregular and depends on our needs at the time.
  • Applicants who can confidently manage urgent rushes are given priority.

Our company strongly values diversity and inclusivity. We are committed to building a team that reflects varied cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

Our Values

We believe in strong teamwork.

We are skillful and passionate. Our clients expect and get the best business proofreading services.

We are fast and efficient. We never miss a deadline.

We always follow through on our promises. And did we mention we never miss a deadline?


There’s a dirty little secret in this industry.

Other, bigger proofreading services—we call them “proofreading mills”—pay their freelancers absurdly low rates. In fact, according to former staff, one of the best-known proofreading companies (with a team of hundreds) pays its proofreaders as little as $12 per hour, as of 2024.

At Super Copy Editors, we believe all members of our team deserve to be fairly compensated for their skill and expertise. Fortunately, as a specialized proofreading service based in New York City, we can offer much better pay than the proofreading mills do. However, this means we are extremely selective when it comes to adding members to our team. To put it another way, we want the best of the best.

With that said, we encourage you to apply today if you think you have what it takes to help our clients’ writing shine brilliantly.

Benefits of Freelancing With Super Copy Editors

Edit From Anywhere
Proofread on the beach. Or right at home in your comfiest pajamas.
Set Your Own Schedule
Your hours are flexible. Easily pick up or pass on any project.
Do What You Love

Freelance with a mission-focused team that provides stellar service to our clients.

Fast, Reliable Payments
Get your money promptly each month. No chasing down invoices, ever.


  • College degree
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • At least three to five years of demonstrated professional copy editing and proofreading experience
  • Mastery of working with and marking up files in various formats, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, and PDFs
  • Impeccable editing skills
  • Deep familiarity with Associated Press, Chicago, AMA, APA, or MLA style—or all of them
  • A passion for helping businesses succeed through clearer communication
Headshot photo of Paul Norton
“I’m super gung-ho about Super Copy Editors—the pace, the variety, the fee structure, the time allotted—and I appreciate that I get regular feedback, which is always helpful.”

—Paul Norton, freelancer

Ready? Let’s go! Apply to join our freelance team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Super Copy Editors?

Super Copy Editors is a company that offers unmatched proofreading services to agencies, marketing teams, businesses, and the education sector. With our lightning-speed services, our clients rest easy knowing quality is never compromised.

Are you hiring now?

Yes. Super Copy Editors is growing very quickly, so we are always looking for skilled and professionally trained freelance proofreaders to join our team. We’re pretty selective, though!

How much do freelance copy editors and proofreaders get paid?

Super Copy Editors pays its freelancers a project-based fee that works out to about $35–$50 per hour. This is four to five times what some other proofreading companies pay their freelance proofreaders.

Is it necessary to have a college degree to apply for freelance work with Super Copy Editors?

Yes, we require a college degree and several years of hands-on experience. If you completed an online certificate program but don’t have any on-the-job experience as an editor (with solid references to back this up), we would not be a good fit. But if you have the education, skills, experience, and work ethic we’re looking for, please apply!

I was a teacher and edited my students’ papers. Does that count as on-the-job experience as an editor?

No, sorry. We are looking for editors with at least three years of actual job experience as a professional proofreader or copy editor. This means your role consisted of proofreading or copy editing on deadline, day in and day out. Occasionally grading your students’ papers or being the “grammar geek” who volunteers to proofread your friends’ essays does not meet our requirements.

Can I choose the projects I work on as a freelancer with Super Copy Editors?

Absolutely. You have the flexibility to accept or reject any request, depending on your interest and availability.

Is there a minimum number of hours that freelancers are required to work each week?

No. As a freelancer, you call the shots. Work every weekday, certain days, or just nights.

How does the hiring process work?

Interested candidates can apply to join the freelance team by submitting their application through the “Apply Now” button on this page. The hiring process typically involves reviewing résumés and applications, conducting interviews with finalists, checking references, and completing a skills test.

Headshot photo of Suzanne Lombardo
“I work with other agencies and companies that treat me like a throwaway—just contact me when they need work done, no ‘how are you,’ no schedule or advance notice, everything immediate turnaround. But with Super Copy Editors, I feel much more connected.”

—Suzanne Lombardo, freelancer

It’s time. Apply to join our freelance team.

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