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Dave Baker, Founder & Copy Chief

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Worry-Free Proofreading & Editing

Eliminate Errors
Expertly edited text that respects your voice and style.
Clarify Your Message
Every sentence will be smooth, clear, and impactful.
Ensure Success

Find your best voice and communicate with confidence.

Never Miss a Deadline
Fast turnarounds and a 100% On-Time Guarantee.

What’s Included?

 Spelling, punctuation, grammar  Word choice  Consistency
 Tightly focused and clear  Ensuring your message resonates

What’s Included?

 Spelling, punctuation, grammar

 Word choice for maximum impact

 Consistency in style and voice

 Tightly focused and clear text

 Ensuring your message resonates

“The team at Super Copy Editors is awesome to work with: thorough, responsive, efficient, independent.”

—Suzanne Plaut, Director of Curriculum, EL Education

photo of a collection of style guides and books on advertising, marketing, and education