Case Study: How We Helped EL Education Produce a Top-Quality Curriculum

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Formerly known as Expeditionary Learning, EL Education provides comprehensive educational resources for teachers that are designed to help students achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Their free, open-source literacy curriculum incorporates projects, fieldwork, and service learning. Classrooms come alive with discovery, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The Problem

EL Education needed regular copy editing of curriculum materials.

  • They were overwhelmed with the sheer amount of text.
  • Their previous copy editing vendor was too expensive and not flexible enough to take on the volume of content required.

Our Solution

We put together a dedicated team of curriculum copy editors for EL Education’s project. We quickly acclimated to the existing house style and took ownership of it, adding or tweaking entries as needed. This ensured consistency across all content.

Throughout our five-year partnership, Super Copy Editors worked on various iterations of K–8 standards-based curriculum materials for EL Education, spanning 21,000-plus pages and millions of words. We corrected spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes while also making sure the text made sense logically and was concise and consistent.

Our tried-and-tested curriculum copy editing team was able to handle large volumes of text—hundreds of pages per week—at a moment’s notice.

Photo of Suzanne Plaut
“The team at Super Copy Editors is awesome to work with: thorough, responsive, efficient, independent.”

—Suzanne Plaut, Director of Curriculum, EL Education

The Impressive Results

EL Education’s award-winning curriculum has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has been put to use in hundreds of schools across the United States.

  • In 2016, the Grades 6–8 Language Arts (ELA) component received an “A” from independent reviewers from EdReports—a very nearly perfect 100 points out of a possible 102. The reviewers said the materials were well-designed with highly effective lesson structure and pacing; they noted that student resources provided clear directions and alignment documentation to standards.
  • And in 2018, EL Education announced that its K–5 ELA component had earned the highest review score EdReports had ever given to a K–5 ELA curriculum, receiving 96% of available points.

“You are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, making sure all our writers’ great design work is expressed clearly and correctly on the page, and that our physical materials look high quality,” said Scott Hartl, president and CEO of EL Education in an email to the editing and production teams. “Your tremendous commitment to the myriad details helped us put out a highly professional product.”

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We Want to Help You, Too

If you’re looking for a proven team of curriculum copy editors to ensure the highest-quality product possible, look no further. We’re confident we can scale up to meet your needs, whatever they are.

Contact the Super Copy Editors team for more details and a customized, project-based quote.

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