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See how these clients are getting ahead—and saving headaches, time, and money—by turning to Super Copy Editors.

We work daily with a wide range of businesses, but we have a particular passion for three key areas: advertisingmarketing, and education. If you work in one of these fields, our copy editing and proofreading services may be the perfect solution for you.


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How We Helped Forbes Succeed in a New Digital Era

Forbes is paving the way forward in the sponsored content arena, with cutting-edge content backed by a best-in-class copy editing team.

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How We Helped an Ad Agency Save $4,300/mo. on Copy Editing

See how this advertising agency is saving up to $4,300 per month by outsourcing to Super Copy Editors versus keeping their copy editing in-house.

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How We Helped EL Education Produce a Top-Quality Curriculum

Our tried-and-tested curriculum copy editing team was able to handle large volumes of text—hundreds of pages per week—at a moment’s notice.

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How We Helped a Top 10 Hospital Attract Multimillion-Dollar Donations

This major U.S. hospital has netted numerous multimillion-dollar donations, thanks to an unrivaled attention to detail.

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“I highly recommend Super Copy Editors. The steadfast guidance, professionalism, and quality work were invaluable.”

—Cindy B., Motivational Coach and Author

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