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Business Writing Ideas: 11 Topics Any Business Can Use in Its Writing

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Need inspiration? Choose one of our 11 business writing ideas. (Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd.)

Most people do almost all their reading and research online. Businesses need to constantly create content that speaks to their customers to increase awareness, build trust, and drive revenue.

However, one of the most challenging issues with business writing ideas is narrowing down a topic to write about. Having a topic is essential to good writing so you don’t ramble on about unrelated issues.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 11 business writing ideas for the next time you need content but can’t think of anything to write about.

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1. Help the Reader Solve a Problem

Helping your readers (hopefully your customers or potential clients) solve their problems is the best way to engage them with your business.

Many people are also interested in ways to improve their lives. By freely sharing information about your business and looking out for the customer, you’re helping to build trust between your readers and your brand.

Every business sells a product or service. Think about all the ways your product or service helps make people’s lives easier and write them down.

  • Now you can turn that into a blog post.
  • Or stretch it out into an insightful white paper.
  • Or create a series of emails, each detailing a specific way your business makes your customers’ lives more enriched, fun, or easier.

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Easy business writing idea: Pick a book. Write a review. (Photo: Shiromani Kant)

2. Review a Product, Service, or Book

People love reading reviews of things before they buy them. According to Oberlo, 89% of consumers read a review about a product or service before buying.

Find a product or service that is relevant to your business and critique it.

  • Provide a fair and honest assessment, which means highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Explain how the product or service fits into the broader landscape of your industry and what sets it apart from other options. This will help your readers understand why they should care about the product or service and how it might benefit them.
  • Use your review as an opportunity to showcase your expertise. Share your insights and opinions on how the product or service can be used effectively in your industry.
  • If you have any tips or tricks for using the product or service, be sure to include them in your review.

Book reviews are also popular. Write a review of a book related to your industry and publish it on your site. Reviewing a book is an excellent way to help people understand your business philosophy and culture.

  • Consider the key takeaways from the book and how they relate to your business. Summarize the main points of the book and explain how they can help your readers improve their own businesses.
  • If there are any particularly relevant or interesting passages, consider quoting them in your review to provide concrete examples of the book’s value.

Overall, a review of a product, service, or book is a great way to showcase your expertise and provide valuable information to your readers. By offering a fair and honest assessment, you can help your readers make informed decisions about the products and services they use in their own businesses.

3. Write About a Business Event

If you have recently attended a business event, seminar, or industry conference, you should have a lot to write about, and people love reading about these events.

Discuss what you learned at the conference—new techniques, technology, or products. Write about who spoke at the seminar and the ideas they shared.

Although the event may have been just another run-of-the-mill experience for you, many people would love to read about your experience. Good business writing ideas are about finding a connection, no matter how big or small your audience is.

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Photo of a woman speaking with colleagues in office meeting.
Keep your interview positive and fun for a more engaging conversation. (Photo: FangXiaNuo)

4. Interview an Industry Expert or a Customer

Interviewing other people can generate fantastic business writing ideas. Not all of your writing has to come from within yourself.

  • Find someone with vast experience or knowledge on a topic related to your business, and ask them insightful questions. Most industry experts love to talk about what they do and why they are passionate about their business.
  • For a different perspective, talk with some of your customers and get their take on your business, product, or service. Seeing your company from the other side of the street is not only a great business writing topic but also an opportunity to grade yourself and see where you need to improve.

The key to a successful interview for your article is to ask good questions in simple, conversational language. Prepare by doing your homework and researching the person you will be interviewing. Come up with a list of open-ended questions that will allow the subject to share their thoughts and insights.

By asking non-generic, well-researched questions, you will create a more interesting and engaging conversation, and ultimately produce a better piece of writing.

5. Write a Q&A or FAQ

Question-and-answer pieces and frequently asked questions are great business writing ideas because they engage your customers and help build trust. You should always try to help your customers, and answering their questions is a top priority. (For reference, here’s our own FAQ page.)

Furthermore, writing Q&As or FAQs will alleviate some of the constant answering of emails and phone calls about your business. Once you publish your Q&A or FAQ piece, many of your customer questions can be directed there.

With all these new business writing ideas, you’ll need to ensure your content is proofread and edited to perfection. Super Copy Editors can correct all spelling and grammar mistakes as well as adjust the tone of your writing to match its intended audience and purpose. Get a proofreading quote for your document today.

6. Revisit the History of Your Company or Products

There’s a good chance most people know your business only from the products or services they receive from it. After all, how many people actually research the company that makes all the products they buy or services they use? Not many.

Take this opportunity to tell your customers about your business, how it came to be, and what highs and lows you experienced along the way. People love origin stories (the adventure of how you started and grew your business), which is another way to build trust with clients.

Or how about writing the story of how you came up with the idea for some of the products or services your business provides? Was it a problem you had yourself and solved? Did you see a gap in the market and find a way to fill it?

The more people know about your offering, the more they’ll trust it—and the more willing they’ll be to buy.

Photo of business colleagues taking a selfie in an office.
Business writing ideas can include sharing some of the highs and lows along your company’s journey. (Photo: jacoblund)

7. Tell a Business Success Story

Like origin stories, people love to read success stories because they are positive, inspirational, and educational.

Write about how your business overcame a downturn in the economy, or how you pivoted a marketing plan and the product became popular.

Additionally, you can write about how your product or service helped a specific customer—essentially telling the customer’s success story. Just remember to get permission from the person to use their story and have them approve it before publishing.

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8. Write About Your Employees

Tell your customers more about the human side of your product or service.

Chances are most of them know your business only through whatever they are buying. It’s easy to forget there’s a whole host of living, breathing, amazing people coming to work every day to bring those products and services to customers.

Writing a piece about your employees, the owners, shareholders, founders, affiliates, subcontractors, or anyone else who helps bring your business to life can help you develop excellent business writing ideas and is yet another way to better connect with your customers.

9. Discuss Your Business’s Future

What’s next for your business?

That’s always an interesting question that everyone wants to learn more about.

  • What are your plans?
  • What new products or services do you want to roll out in the next month or year?
  • Are there upgrades coming to existing products?

These are all fascinating questions for your readers and customers. You don’t have to give away the whole story, either. Giving the readers a hint or a teaser will pique their interest, add an element of mystery to your writing, and keep them coming back for more.

Write about the human side of your business—your management team, employees, subcontractors, or anyone else who helps bring it to life.

10. Listen to Your Customers

Check out the customer comments section in your online reviews. People love writing reviews almost as much as reading them. The Oberlo study cited above found that nearly half of internet users post a review every month.

Not only will you learn about how your customers view your company and where you need to improve, but customers will also share their ideas about what they want to hear more about.

Instead of using just your mind to generate writing ideas, tap into the many minds of your customers and use some of their business writing ideas.

11. Repurpose Your Content

Last but not least, business writing ideas can come from putting a different spin on pieces you’ve already written about. Many trends are cyclical, so you never know when an old article might suddenly become relevant again.

  • Update your older writing and republish it with newer facts and more relevant data. This will make it more relevant and appealing to a current audience.

  • Analyze your content and identify top-performing pieces. If you have an older post that is still generating a lot of traffic or leads but is no longer up to date, consider updating or repurposing it. This can help you get the most out of your existing content and maximize its potential impact.

  • Turn video, webinar, and podcast transcripts into blog posts. This can be an effective way to create new content quickly and easily, as you already have the information and can simply repackage it in written form. By doing this, you can reach a different audience who may prefer to read rather than watch or listen, and you make your content more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Additionally, publishing transcripts as blog posts can help improve your search engine optimization efforts, as they provide additional written content for search engines to index.

Bonus! 10 More Business Writing Ideas

Sorry, I couldn’t stop there. I’m on a roll!

Here are 10 more ideas to help you write useful content:

  1. Write about the biggest controversy in your industry and present your opinion on the issue.
  2. Share your predictions for the future of your industry and discuss how you are preparing for these changes.
  3. Check your website stats. Are there any keywords and search queries that are bringing people to your website that you don’t adequately cover in your content? Generate new writing topics based on this research.
  4. Discuss your organization’s charitable work, donations, or sponsorships.
  5. Highlight your eco-friendly initiatives.
  6. Give some insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of your products or services.
  7. Write about the one thing you wish people knew about your company, your offerings, or your industry.
  8. Share your top productivity tips, tools, and tricks.
  9. Create a roundup post of your favorite articles on a specific topic, with brief commentary on each.
  10. Give a behind-the-scenes look at a typical workday for you.

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Final Thoughts

Content creation is a vital part of marketing, and ensuring your business consistently puts out fresh business writing pieces can significantly improve your image and sales.

Additionally, keeping your customers in the loop on your business ideas and informed about your products builds trust, a critical element of repeat business and lifetime customers.

So keep churning out great content, and if you’re ever stuck on what to write about, look at this list and go from there.

Now that you have all these great business writing ideas, you’ll want to ensure your writing is grammatically correct and error-free before you post it. At Super Copy Editors, our skilled team of proofreaders will polish your content and have it ready for publication in no time. Get a quote to have your next writing project reviewed by Super Copy Editors.

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