5 Project Management Tips for Ad Agencies

Consider establishing a routine status report system. (Photo: gstockstudio)

Ad agencies have to deal with a lot of moving pieces.

You have graphic artists and designers working side-by-side with writers and analytics experts. If you’re at a smaller agency, you might switch between some of these hats yourself.

Either way, keeping all the players in motion and working toward your goals while tending to deadlines and client expectations requires careful planning.

Project management is an essential skill for any business, but ad agencies often make mistakes along the way. Here are five tips for keeping your projects running smoothly and avoiding the most common pitfalls. Continue reading “5 Project Management Tips for Ad Agencies”

The Best Editorial Calendar for Multi-Author Blogs (And It’s Not CoSchedule)

Nelio Content is the best editorial calendar plugin for WordPress. (Photo: Nelio Software)

When you run a blog with multiple authors, organization is a must.

A great editorial calendar helps you keep track of all the moving pieces in your daily workflow.

In fact, editorial calendars can mean the difference between blogging success and failure, according to Copyblogger: “That little bit of planning goes a surprisingly long way toward getting the most audience reach from your blog content.” Continue reading “The Best Editorial Calendar for Multi-Author Blogs (And It’s Not CoSchedule)”

8 Ways to Keep Your Vision Safe While You Write

(Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd)
Is your computer monitor far enough away from you? (Photo: Wavebreak Media Ltd)


It’s one of those portmanteaus that make you cringe. Yet, as wonky as the word sounds, it’s wise to pay heed. According to the Vision Council, digital eyestrain is today’s most common computer-related repetitive strain injury, surpassing carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

There’s no way around it: Writers sit in front of computer screens for long periods of time. If they’re not careful, they will cause harm to their eyes.

How can writers reduce that potential harm? Continue reading “8 Ways to Keep Your Vision Safe While You Write”

When Software Hinders Your Writing, Try This Easy Trick

C’mon, you can do better.

A keystroke or mouse click opens up a window that accesses the Internet so you can find and play a distracting video… And the next thing you know, it’s 20 minutes later.

There are three words of a sentence on the screen in front of you, and you can’t even begin to remember where you were going with it.

Sound familiar? Are you futzing with fonts and messing with margins—when the truth is that it doesn’t even make a difference? You may need to slim down your word processing functionality and steer it back to doing not much more than… processing words!

One easy trick, then, is to simply get rid of the bells and whistles. Allow me to explain. Continue reading “When Software Hinders Your Writing, Try This Easy Trick”