5 Costly Mistakes in Business Writing

We feel your pain. (Photo: dotshock)

For most people, writing is a challenge.

Even if you’re an expert on the topic you’re covering, you’ll still have to sit down, put your thoughts on paper, refine your ideas, rewrite, edit, and repeat the process.

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5 Reasons Marketers and Ad Agencies Need a Proofreader

Stella Artois could have used a little more perfection in this ad.

Ad agencies and marketing departments know the importance of good writing. After all, they produce a lot of content: advertisements, sales letters, white papers, blog posts, newsletters, video scripts for commercials, and much more.

But one thing that some overlook is the importance of proofreading and copy editing. This can take your writing from good to great, making it much easier to strengthen a brand, increase revenues, and grow a business.

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Top 10 Pro Tips for Proofreading Business Text

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Rarely used proofreading tip: Read backward. (Photo: racorn)

One of the downsides of instant communication is that we get into the habit of responding to everything quickly. We read a message—and boom, we send out a response, typos and all.

Although that may be fine for personal communication, it reflects poorly on your business’s image. Wouldn’t you rather know that a company takes its communications—and its clients—seriously and thoughtfully?

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Proofreaders? Copy Editors? What’s the Difference? (And Why Should You Care?)

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Time to break out the red pencil. (Photo: stillfx)

If you can remember a time when you were not being asked to do more with less, you may also recall that once upon a time in the world of publishing, a piece of writing was reviewed by two people possessing distinct editorial skills.

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