5 Things All Successful Fundraising Materials Have in Common

Make your fundraising materials more successful. (Photo: Oksana Kuzmina)

Successful fundraisers get people to care about a topic and compel them to act.

Persuading these folks to volunteer their time, donate their money, or invest is a challenging task. But with the right approach, you can definitely do just that.

One of the best ways to write an effective fundraising appeal is to emulate what has worked for others in the past. So here are some of the key commonalities among successful fundraising materials. Continue reading “5 Things All Successful Fundraising Materials Have in Common”

How to Make Your Writing More Persuasive

First tip? Keep it simple. Write in a clear, straightforward way. (Photo: convisum)

When most people think about writing, they think of novels, textbooks, and other resources that are meant to entertain or educate.

But a lot of writing is also about persuading the reader to take an action—such as buying a product, donating to a fundraiser, or contacting someone.

When you’re writing primarily to persuade, you often need different strategies from when you’re writing to entertain or educate.

Here are five tips that can help. Continue reading “How to Make Your Writing More Persuasive”

5 Writing Tips for Successful Fundraising

Tell potential donors how their gifts will be greatly appreciated by those in need. (Photo: Nophamon Yanyapong)

Nobody likes asking for money.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a loan from a friend, a donation for a charity, or startup capital for a new company—it can make both parties feel uncomfortable.

That’s why fundraising can be tricky.

However, there’s also an art to it. And once you understand it, fundraising is a lot less intimidating. In fact, it can even be fun.

By following these five tips, you can become more effective at writing successful fundraising appeals. Continue reading “5 Writing Tips for Successful Fundraising”