What Makes Writing Educational?

Your goal is to help your readers learn and apply the information. (Photo: kasto)

Before you start any writing project, it’s important to think about what your goals are.

For example, the goal of a movie script may be to entertain, while the goal of an online ad may be to persuade the reader to buy the product.

If you’re writing educational materials, your goal is to help your readers learn and apply the information. But this is typically easier said than done.

You have to convey the information in such a way that readers understand the material and find it engaging; otherwise you’ll lose them before you’ve accomplished your goal.

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How to Make Your Writing More Persuasive

First tip? Keep it simple. Write in a clear, straightforward way. (Photo: convisum)

When most people think about writing, they think of novels, textbooks, and other resources that are meant to entertain or educate.

But a lot of writing is also about persuading the reader to take an action—such as buying a product, donating to a fundraiser, or contacting someone.

When you’re writing primarily to persuade, you often need different strategies from when you’re writing to entertain or educate.

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How to Write a Memorable Video Script

Start writing your video script with the end in mind. (Photo: Luis Rego)

Video scripts can be tricky. You can’t write them as you would a book, blog post, or white paper. That’s because your audience will be watching and, especially, listening to it rather than reading it.

Also, because videos are among the fastest-growing types of content online, learning how to write video scripts will become increasingly important for marketers and educators.

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5 Writing Tips for Education Companies

Your readers need to be able to follow your ideas. (Image: Andrei Krauchuk)

Typically, most writing falls into one of these three categories:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Persuasion
  3. Education

These categories are not mutually exclusive—a lot of writing falls into two categories, or sometimes even all three.

For example, many great books are entertaining, persuasive, and educational. However, there’s usually one theme that is more dominant than the rest.

If you’re at an education company, then making your writing educational is the top priority. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be entertaining or persuasive—but it does mean that the main focus should be on educating your readers.

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