Client Spotlight: EL Education’s ELA Curriculum Gets Highest Marks

EL Education’s Grades 6–8 Curriculum, copy edited by the Super Copy Editors team, has received an “A” from, amassing 100 points out of a possible 102.

In a publisher’s response, EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) expressed pride in how reviewers had noted that the instructional materials are “well designed,” “show effective lesson structure and pacing,” and have “clear directions.” Continue reading “Client Spotlight: EL Education’s ELA Curriculum Gets Highest Marks”

6 Things to Check Before You Publish Your Blog Post

(Photo: ammentorp)
(Photo: ammentorp)

So you want to be a blogger?

Popular blogs are popular because they are full of good writing.

As with a good short story or article, they catch the reader’s attention because you’ve taken the time to select an interesting subject and have written passionately about it.

No one will argue that the most readable blogs are heavy on context—but just because they can point you to a multitude of underscoring sources of information doesn’t mean the author has done a good job of writing a post.

You need more. Continue reading “6 Things to Check Before You Publish Your Blog Post”

Multitasking While You Write: Bad Idea

(Photo: kzenon)
When you’re writing, stick to one thing: writing. (Photo: kzenon)

Hey, writers—do you like a little noise while you work?

Most of us find an optimal environment for creativity somewhere between total isolation and orchestrated chaos.

A surprising number of business writers say that silence in itself is distracting—they need at least some music playing softly in the background.

Sure, minimal sensory input such as soft background music may help your writing. However, multitasking (for example, trying to write an annual report while watching a YouTube video) will actually doom your writing efforts. Continue reading “Multitasking While You Write: Bad Idea”