5 Project Management Tips for Ad Agencies

Consider establishing a routine status report system. (Photo: gstockstudio)

Ad agencies have to deal with a lot of moving pieces.

You have graphic artists and designers working side-by-side with writers and analytics experts. If you’re at a smaller agency, you might switch between some of these hats yourself.

Either way, keeping all the players in motion and working toward your goals while tending to deadlines and client expectations requires careful planning.

Project management is an essential skill for any business, but ad agencies often make mistakes along the way. Here are five tips for keeping your projects running smoothly and avoiding the most common pitfalls. Continue reading “5 Project Management Tips for Ad Agencies”

The Cringe-Worthy Mistake Many Ad Agencies Make

Don’t let your campaigns go off the rails.

Here’s something a lot of people don’t like to admit: There’s a world of difference between being a great writer and being a great proofreader.

Your ad agency might hire top-notch talent to create its advertisements, but without similarly high-quality proofreading to back it up, you’re putting yourself at risk of embarrassing mistakes.

The hard truth? Even the best writers make mistakes. Continue reading “The Cringe-Worthy Mistake Many Ad Agencies Make”

Why It’s OK to Express Your Opinion in Business Writing

It’s OK. You can share your opinion. (Everyone has one.)

Some people think you shouldn’t express opinions in business writing.

But business writing isn’t journalism, where you need to give both sides of a story. Sometimes it’s best to let your opinions come through because it lets people know where you stand.

It’s also a great way to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your thought process.

A lot of businesses are interested in becoming thought leaders within their industries. They want prospects and customers to trust them. It’s tough to accomplish this if you’re not willing to express your opinions from time to time.

It’s best if you do it in a certain way, though, so here are a few tips. Continue reading “Why It’s OK to Express Your Opinion in Business Writing”

How to Write a Press Release That Works Like Magic

Go ahead. Make magic happen with your press release.

Small and large businesses alike dream of getting covered by a major news outlet. One good story can strengthen your brand and add a lot to the bottom line.

And it’s not only businesses that benefit from press releases—nonprofits use them too. That’s why press releases are such an important tool in any public relations strategy.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that journalists are busy. They may not even care about your business. They care about your press release only insofar as it helps make their job easier.

Some businesses forget this, so they create a press release that just boasts about their own company. Then they’re confused when it doesn’t get picked up anywhere. Continue reading “How to Write a Press Release That Works Like Magic”