The Expert Proofreading Partner Your Agency Deserves

Every piece of content you deliver is a reflection of your agency’s dedication to excellence.

Yet finding the right partner to ensure that excellence can be a challenge.

In-house proofreaders and copy editors can be expensive and require a budget that many businesses and agencies don’t have. And freelancers can be a risky gamble for reliability and understanding your specific needs.

You don’t just need a proofreader. You need a partner—someone who understands the stakes, your voice and vision, and the unique challenges agencies face.

Enter Super Copy Editors

We’re not just a proofreading service. We’re your on-call proofreading team based in New York City, providing personalized attention and service with our Certified Super™ quality assurance.

And yes, we even offer a 100% On-Time Guarantee: If we’re ever late, you don’t have to pay.

So, what does this mean for you?

  • No more “good enough” content
  • No more overlooked typos or grammar mishaps
  • No more expensive do-overs
  • Absolutely no missed deadlines

Instead, experience the freedom to communicate powerfully, reduce stress, and save time and money.

With Super Copy Editors, you can get back to focusing on what you do best.

How It Works

It takes just 2 minutes to get started with your free quote from Super Copy Editors.

Forged in Crisis. Perfected Over Time.

Our story begins in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Our founder, Dave Baker, then a copy editor at the Times-Picayune, found himself amid an unimaginable scene of devastation, working with a team of journalists by generator power in a cramped, sweltering “hurricane bunker.”

Their dedication and resilience during this challenging time resulted in two Pulitzer Prizes and shaped Dave’s work ethic as an editor: flexible, cool, calm, and confident under pressure.

After subsequent stints at The New York Times and The Nation magazine, Dave laid the foundation for Super Copy Editors.

The vision was clear: to craft a proofreading service specialized for agencies but also versatile enough to support marketing teams, educational companies, and various businesses, treating every client as a valued partner and guaranteeing precision and reliability in every interaction.

A Best-in-Class Team With Experience You Can Trust

Every member of the Super Copy Editors team has been hand-picked and tested under fire to give agencies and businesses like yours the high-quality results you need for success.


Years in Business


Delighted Clients


Words Made Super

Values You Can Count On

Here’s what Super Copy Editors delivers on every project:

  • Strong Teamwork: You’ll have a dedicated partner.
  • Skill and Passion: You should expect and get the best.
  • Speed and Efficiency: You’ll hear back from us very quickly.
  • Consistent Results: You’ll never hear excuses.

If you value quality, consistency, seamless teamwork, and a steady hand under pressure, you’ve just found your next proofreading partner.

Let’s talk about how easy it is to seamlessly integrate Super Copy Editors into your content workflow.

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