3 Times When Long Copy Is Best for Marketing

Think long copy is dead? Not so fast. (Photo illustration: Eric Isselee)

If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you’ve probably heard people say stuff like: “Long copy is dead” or “Nobody reads long copy anymore.”

But long-form content is still an important part of business.

Sure, there are plenty of situations where shorter content is best, such as social media, blog posts, and emails. For other types of content, it’s the exact opposite.

White papers are one good example. They go into much more detail, which can’t be covered in a mere few hundred words. That’s why most white papers are five to 10 pages. Case studies, sales letters, and similar projects also tend to work well as long-form content.

If your product or service is new, expensive, or complex, you’ll probably want to use longer copy. Continue reading “3 Times When Long Copy Is Best for Marketing”

How to Write Marketing Emails and E-Newsletters

If your emails waste people’s time, those people will lose their patience. (Photo: Andrei Zaripov)

Let’s face it: Most of us don’t have enough time to read all our email. Our inboxes are overflowing, and we have too much stuff to do—so we can’t get to it all.

That means a lot of emails get deleted before they’re even opened. And out of those that are opened, many are quickly scanned and deleted.

So if you’re sending out marketing emails or e-newsletters, you have to find a way to stand out from the clutter and get your emails opened and read.

Here are some tips that can help. Continue reading “How to Write Marketing Emails and E-Newsletters”

The Best Editorial Calendar for Multi-Author Blogs (And It’s Not CoSchedule)

Nelio Content is the best editorial calendar plugin for WordPress. (Photo: Nelio Software)

When you run a blog with multiple authors, organization is a must.

A great editorial calendar helps you keep track of all the moving pieces in your daily workflow.

In fact, editorial calendars can mean the difference between blogging success and failure, according to Copyblogger: “That little bit of planning goes a surprisingly long way toward getting the most audience reach from your blog content.” Continue reading “The Best Editorial Calendar for Multi-Author Blogs (And It’s Not CoSchedule)”

Top 3 Social Media Writing Tips to Grow Your Business

Your social media followers are listening to your every word. (Photo: kho)

Social media is a great tool for both our personal lives and business. You can use it to strengthen relationships, connect with an audience, promote your brand, and much more.

No wonder social media has produced some of the fastest-growing tech companies in recent years.

Many businesses want to improve the results they’re getting with social media, but they don’t know how. Advertising, email marketing, and similar tools have been around for much longer, so many companies feel more comfortable with them. But with social media, many are still figuring out how to use it effectively.

Here are three ways you can get more out of social media marketing. Continue reading “Top 3 Social Media Writing Tips to Grow Your Business”

How to Make Your Writing More Persuasive

First tip? Keep it simple. Write in a clear, straightforward way. (Photo: convisum)

When most people think about writing, they think of novels, textbooks, and other resources that are meant to entertain or educate.

But a lot of writing is also about persuading the reader to take an action—such as buying a product, donating to a fundraiser, or contacting someone.

When you’re writing primarily to persuade, you often need different strategies from when you’re writing to entertain or educate.

Here are five tips that can help. Continue reading “How to Make Your Writing More Persuasive”