What Makes Writing Educational?

Your goal is to help your readers learn and apply the information. (Photo: kasto)

Before you start any writing project, it’s important to think about what your goals are.

For example, the goal of a movie script may be to entertain, while the goal of an online ad may be to persuade the reader to buy the product.

If you’re writing educational materials, your goal is to help your readers learn and apply the information. But this is typically easier said than done.

You have to convey the information in such a way that readers understand the material and find it engaging; otherwise you’ll lose them before you’ve accomplished your goal.

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5 Things All Successful Fundraising Materials Have in Common

Make your fundraising materials more successful. (Photo: Oksana Kuzmina)

Successful fundraisers get people to care about a topic and compel them to act.

Persuading these folks to volunteer their time, donate their money, or invest is a challenging task. But with the right approach, you can definitely do just that.

One of the best ways to write an effective fundraising appeal is to emulate what has worked for others in the past. So here are some of the key commonalities among successful fundraising materials. Continue reading “5 Things All Successful Fundraising Materials Have in Common”

3 Tips for Conversational Business Writing

“Corporate speak” can ruin your writing. Just be natural. (Photo: julief514)

In business, some people make the mistake of thinking that their writing has to be stuffy and formal. But a lot of writing—blog posts, video scripts, and newsletters included—should be conversational.

Some white papers and press releases tend to be a little more formal, but even with those projects you don’t want to overdo it.

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TO: All Business Writers RE: How to Write an Effective Memo

(Image: cwln305/CartoonStock)

Clear and timely communication is a key to running any business effectively.

Business memos help us let our employees or customers know about a specific situation or to inform them of a solution to an ongoing problem. Examples of when memos can be useful include when they discuss a policy change or a price increase, or when they persuade readers to take action—such as attending a meeting or changing the way things are done.

Whatever the goal, the business memo is most effective when it connects your own purpose with your readers’ interests.

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