7 Simple Tips for Writing Better Marketing Headlines

Headlines drive all of us crazy at times.

Headlines are among the most important topics in marketing. According to advertising legend David Ogilvy, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.”

Simply tweaking the headline of an ad, email, or other marketing promotion can take it from a failure to a huge success.

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How to Write a White Paper That Wows (In Just 5 Steps)

What problems can you help your audience solve? Get specific. (Illustration: samuraitop)

Many businesses and marketers are interested in writing a white paper, but they’re also intimidated because it can be a daunting task.

What makes white papers so effective is also what makes them challenging to write—they’re longer and more detailed than most other types of business content.

However, there’s also a formula for writing a white paper. By following the steps below, you can tackle a white paper in manageable chunks. Continue reading “How to Write a White Paper That Wows (In Just 5 Steps)”

Getting Started With Writing Lead Generation Materials

Generate some leads. (Illustration: markinv)

A big part of both online and offline marketing is lead generation.

This is especially true for any businesses that sell their services to other businesses (B2B). That’s because sales and marketing in these businesses usually involve more relationship building and long sales cycles.

Nevertheless, generating leads is also a top priority for many companies outside of B2B, such as real estate agencies and financial service firms.

Writing lead generation materials poses a challenge for many people because it’s not like other types of marketing. A lot of marketing falls into one of two categories: sales pitches or brand building. But with lead generation you need to strike the right balance between educating prospects and getting them to take the next step in the sale process.

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4 Ways to Remove Hype From Your Marketing Campaign

Hype is easy to spot, and your customers don’t trust it. (Photo: Dean Drobot)

Some people think that sales and marketing are largely about hype. They think it’s all about loud self-promotion, boasting, and exaggerated claims.

Sure, there’s a place for being excited and passionate about your products and services, but you don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver.

Most prospects and customers don’t trust hype, which is why relying on it can damage your credibility and brand. One reason for this is that hype is easy to spot and the motives are transparent, which can quickly cause someone’s guard to go up. If you’ve ever been hassled by a high-pressure salesperson, then you already know the feeling.

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How to Write a Memorable Video Script

Start writing your video script with the end in mind. (Photo: Luis Rego)

Video scripts can be tricky. You can’t write them as you would a book, blog post, or white paper. That’s because your audience will be watching and, especially, listening to it rather than reading it.

Also, because videos are among the fastest-growing types of content online, learning how to write video scripts will become increasingly important for marketers and educators.

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